March 17th @ The Rickshaw Theatre With Abigail Williams,Lecherous Nocture,Jungle Rot And Headliners Deicide

First off Abigail williams began the show,Seeing as it was the second time I have seen AW, It was generic and didn’t do much for me in terms of getting the crowd pumped up for the headlining act to come. I found vocals hard to make out through the sound system as well as bass and guitar.


Next up lecherous Nocturne took to the stage,after doing some reading I learned that the bands actual vocalist was not able to be present for the show and instead vocals were taken over by guitarist Ethan Lane and a guest spot by vocalist Ken Sorceron Of Abigail Williams. Again I must add that sound was lacking for vocals and Instruments.


Third on the bill was Kenosha,Wisconsin’s own Jungle Rot,seeing as they don’t come to vancouver often,many were excited to see them perform. They played a full set made up from their whole discography. The heaviness of the band seemed to help alot with the previously lacking sound quality. I really enjoyed their performance and I hope to see them again soon.


Finally headliners Tampa,Florida’s own Deicide began their set. I personally enjoyed their set alot and could hear all instruments and vocals fairly well,However Vocalist/Bassist did not seem satisfied with the overall quality of the house microphone and spoke abit of his mind to the crowd and the stage hand which was trying to help him wtih find his usual mic and fix the sound which he felt needed fixing. I do feel that overall despite Glen’s remarks that Deicide played a solid,heavy set and hope that they will make a return to vancouver in the near future.