April.21st 2012 @ The Rickshaw Theatre with The Decibel magazine tour there will be blood with In solitude,The Devil’s Blood,Watain and Behemoth.

On this night several came early for this long awaited show. I was one of those who had VIP and was waiting to get in at 6pm as we were waiting for the tour manager named Gypsy to let us in. Soon after getting in,the rest of the crowd filed in. It was to turn out the show would start much earlier then usual for a rickshaw show.


Swedish occult metallers In solitude began their set at about 7:02pm to the pleasant smell of incense sticks burning on speakers. I found them entertaining and had good stage presence,Vocaliist Pelle Ahman looked like the classic rock star swinging the mic stand around and wearing the torn blue jeans,sneakers and fur skin on his shoulders. Their songs were catchy and maintaining a heavy feel which had a few banging their heads.


Next The Devil’s Blood was on bringing their brand of satanic,occult Psychedelic rock to the forefront. Frontwoman Farida ‘The Mouth’ Lemouchi oozed spirituality as she sang. I did some reading and found that the band treats each performance as a ritual, I enjoyed that and thought it added a interesting element to the set.


Sweden’s Watain began just after 8pm, I was told I was in for a treat seeing them and indeed I was, The stage was adorned with the lit candles and flags. Erik delivered as he was in his element and even put his hand through some of the fire and did’nt effect him, he might have been wearing a bit of not visible hand protection I thought I could faintly see.


Finally,Poland’s Blackened Death Metal giants Behemoth marched on,driving the crowd into a frenzy with a solid set of older and newer songs spanning their discography Including Ov fire and the void,Demigod,Slaves shall serve,as above so below,and The seed of I. It was great seeing them make it back here. Nergal also made a point of saying how good it is to be alive and to have freedom.


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show and to be honest really didn’t have anything negative to say about it. I hope to see these bands again soon.