[REVIEW & VIDEO] Tyrants Blood / Xenocide / Naraka / Excruciating Pain @ The Rickshaw, Friday, July 6, 2012

For a Friday night there was not as many people at the Rickshaw as I had expected, but that could have been due to the possibility that many people are away from home during the summer. Nonetheless it was still Continue reading

Impiety / Tyrants Blood / Mitochondrion / Auroch @ The Red Room – Thursday, November 3, 2011

VanMetal members Jason Mills and Linda Lockwood waited outside of the Red Roomuntil just past 9:45 PM for their friend Anna to buy Linda’s ticket, so we ended upmissing Auroch’s set and could not hear much of it from outside the venue. Auroch willbe opening for Obscura on Wednesday, November 16 at the Rickshaw, so we will try tocatch them then.

We saw Mitochondrion’s entire set as they performed their blackened death songs.  Some of these featured slow tempos but not slow enough to qualify as doom. Therewas a bit of a technical problem with what appeared to be the drum machine, and as a result, one of the songs took three tries before it finally started. Despite that, we feel that Mitochondrion was professional and patient during this challenge. Some of the songs seemed to be stretched out for some reason; in addition, it was hard for us to distinguish one song from another, especially during the last few songs in the set.

We also saw Tyrants Blood’s set in its entirety. One of the strongest of the Vancouver metal bands, Tyrants Blood played a thrashing set complete with ripping solos and riffs as well as powerful vocal and stage presence. Clearly we weren’t the only ones who were amazed by them; we were headbanging with many other Tyrants Blood fans that night! We still don’t know how Brian Langley manages to juggle three or more different bands with his already tight schedule, but his energy is abundant in each of his performances. Bassist Vinnie Borden not only handled the bottom end but also added emphasis with his backing vocals, sometimes even taking on full verses.

Finally Singapore’s blackened death/thrash outfit Impiety arrived on stage with a short soundcheck teaser that included an excerpt from one of their songs, which caused the audience to think the set already started. The band walked off the stage for a few minutes, and then finally at around 12:45 AM, they walked back on stage and started their set for real this time. Please note that in the itinerary, Impiety was due to start at 12:15 AM. We were only able to stay for about four songs before having to leave in order to catch the second to last SkyTrain that departed Waterfront at about 1:11 AM.  This was disappointing as we were just getting into Impiety’s set, which our friends told us ended at 2:00 AM. Bassist and frontman Shyaithan delivered a black and thrash vocal style. We got a taste of their dual guitars’ slick lead and riffing; we wish we could have stayed longer to get more of it.

How do you Vancouver metalheads who use transit feel about attending shows that go on past the last train-–should the SkyTrain run later, or should the shows end earlier?

AUG.20, 2011 SHOW

Infernal Majesty


Sinned and Tyrants Blood were great openers.  Sinned has some technical death metal sound to them.  Tryants Blood has death and thrash sound.  But the problem I had at this show was that the guitars were not loud enough, especially the leads.  It made it hard to hear things properly.  But I still really dug both bands.  I’d say that Tyrants Blood and Infernal Majesty both had remarkable stage presence, thanks to frontman Brian Langley.   I consider him a friend of mine–good guy.  Check out his other band, Cradle to Grave.  Fucking awesome.  Anyway, Sinned has a versatile guttural vocalist David London who is able to go from squeals to low growls in the same phrase…and they have an amazingly fast lead guitarist Dennis.  All the bands this night had solidly powerful drumming, and that is what half made up for the lack of hearing the lead guitar…really, I have heard the sound better in other shows at the Rickshaw.  But my request would be to have a better soundcheck and gear once-over maybe.  I’d say that inviting George Fisher as a starring guest was a smart idea because  I could see how excited a lot of the fans got when he was up there.  He also gave a unique interpretation of the Infernal Majesty songs in his distinct Corpsegrinder voice.  The fact that he was on the bill was enough to pique a the curiosity of many, and it was definitely a creative choice to have him there.  Too bad that his mic was malfunctioning for some of the set, making it difficult to  hear him at times.