[REVIEW & VIDEO] Tyrants Blood / Xenocide / Naraka / Excruciating Pain @ The Rickshaw, Friday, July 6, 2012

For a Friday night there was not as many people at the Rickshaw as I had expected, but that could have been due to the possibility that many people are away from home during the summer. Nonetheless it was still Continue reading

ARCHSPIRE, AUROCH, GROSS MISCONDUCT & EXCRUCIATING PAIN – 4th Annual Brutalfest Saturday May 12th @ The Astoria

First I must apologize for writing this review over a month later. Many things have come up, and as a result, our projects have been put on hold.

The 4th annual Brutalfest was held at the Astoria, which is located in the Vancouver downtown eastside. The outside of the venue can be sketchy at times due to people asking for money and other services and favors, but once inside, Continue reading

Excruciating Pain Review

Excruciating Pain

Excruciating Pain EP Cover Art

Excruciating Pain’s debut EP is a 6-track assortment of melodic thrash mixed with melodeath and punk.  Present are catchy riffs, memorable lead guitar melodies, fast and steady drumming, and even a bass solo (in the song “Manatee”).

1.  “Idol Worship” is definitely a good album starter. It is also one of those songs that is easily recognized when played live due to its catchy intro.

2.  “Manatee” employs creative use of pinch harmonics and an arpeggio in its intro riff. Toward the middle is a bass solo that blends very well with the arpeggiated guitar, creating an almost contrapuntal feel.

3.  “Don’t Worry, the Worst is Yet to Come” is my personal favorite track in this EP. It begins with a fast intro featuring a long drawn out scream. The melodic guitar solo and busy drumming packed with double kicks makes for more interest and energy in this song.

4.  “Taco Song” – To me, this song seems out of place the middle of the album and would be more suitable as a “hidden” or “surprise” track at the end. Despite its odd placement, this song expands the band’s humour and musical versatility, two things that a lot of bands seem to forget these days.

5.  “B.O.S.A.” has a catchy main riff and lead work.  I like how this band makes sure that the bass guitar is present.

6.  “A.T.M.” has that melodic lead during the verses, and later on following the guitar solo it has some dual harmonized guitar leads.  And the best part of that duet is that each guitar is polyphonic.

I hope to hear the last two tracks re-recorded and remixed in higher quality as they were noticeably less produced than the first four tracks, though it is understandable as this is an EP.  The vocalist is certainly a strong screamer though I personally would prefer more inclusion of lower guttural vocals…this preference may be due to my own taste for death metal vocals.

This is an album I would recommend purchasing–you will be impressed by the solid songwriting that the boys in Excruciating Pain bring to the VanMetal table.  But actually, the band has generously made their EP available for a free listen at http://www.reverbnation.com/thealmightyexcruciatingpain .  Check it out.  I guarantee you will headbang.  \m/

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