ARCHSPIRE, AUROCH, GROSS MISCONDUCT & EXCRUCIATING PAIN – 4th Annual Brutalfest Saturday May 12th @ The Astoria

First I must apologize for writing this review over a month later. Many things have come up, and as a result, our projects have been put on hold.

The 4th annual Brutalfest was held at the Astoria, which is located in the Vancouver downtown eastside. The outside of the venue can be sketchy at times due to people asking for money and other services and favors, but once inside, Continue reading

126) Archspire Interview

Interview with Archspire in November 2011, their last local show before they embarked on the Decimation of Europe tour. We apologize for the poor lighting in this video; we tried to correct it using both brightness and gamma correction, but due to some video conversion issues, it ended up pixelated after the final export, so we left the natural dark lightning. Thanks for your understanding.