Entropia/Stiff Valentine/My Own Chaos/Corset @ The Media Club – Saturday, September 17, 2011

Entropia Sept 2011 Ticket Stub


The show started with what was supposed to be the band Corset but instead, due to their singer having medical problems (this is what I heard anyway), it ended up being just Elgwen performing the songs solo and acoustic. Although this was not a metal act, I could still appreciate the strong vocals and solid songwriting. And I could even detect some odd time signatures at one point.

Next up was My Own Chaos. They experienced some technical sound problems at the beginning–I could not hear the guitarist, and the drums seemed to be too loud overpowering all the other instruments. Also the bass EQ was too boomy–it was hard to tell if it was due to the mixer or the amp settings or possibly something else. The main bassist, Eric Wolf, could not make it that night, so guitarist Alexandre Dubreuil ended up handling bass duties for the gig. And even though the other guitarist Oleg had his guitar turned up, the bass was still too boomy. Despite that, hearing the grit in Connie’s strong voice combined with the virtuosity of all the other musicians was still worth the ticket.

My Own Chaos is one of the strong performance bands in town, so check them out if you haven’t already.

The third band was Stiff Valentine, and I honestly have no idea why they were put on the bill. They certainly were not metal; they were more industrial/punk or maybe something else, but not metal at all. Many of the metalhead attendees left the venue to stand outside and smoke or talk during this set.

Finally we had Entropia, and as always, they played an energetic and convincing set of their brand of thrash. Since they write such catchy songs, I could not help but sing along and headbang. I recall their sound being decent considering that they were playing in a tiny venue. Darin managed to get his bass to have enough treble and bite to it so that every note was audible. It is possible that the sound person may have helped with this, but knowing Darin’s competence on the bass, he probably did something to the sound to make it EQ’d just right.

So here are some questions for you, readers–what do you think about the Media Club as a venue? And how do you feel about mixing non-metal acts with metal?

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